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"I'm a big fan of this restaurant. This little strip mall old school Italian joint makes an incredible marinara. They always change up things with daily specials and the staff is like my second family." 


"Excellent food and great service. Two things you rarely find at a restaurant these days!"


"Unbelievable Italian restaurant. What a nice surprise. Great food, authentic. Service is terrific. Food excellent. Prices reasonable. Owner managed, never a problem. Try the specials, even though the menu speaks for itself.


"One of our favorite Italian restaurants; in fact, one of our favorite restaurants of any cuisine. The food is excellent at great prices and the service is friendly and prompt. Cozy inside, but also with a very nice outdoor patio.


"Loved everything about the restaurant. Fresh mozzarella, homemade pasta, excellent service. Best restaurant we have been to in a long time. Can't recommend it enough.



"Almost don't want to say anything... Place is really good. Food was excellent. "


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